Paws Wright Inn - Regina Dog and Cat Boarding Kennel

An 8' x 8' cat room featuring a large window houses the cats away from the dogs.

Full size kennels of 2' x 8' long are available for cat boarding. During peak seasons cat kennels may be reduced to 2' x 4' long.

Cats are let out individually throughout the day for time in the room for attention, play time and then time to nap infront of the window on a cat tree.

At this time, only indoor play time is provided for your feline friend. As well, unless cats are from the same family, they will not be socialized together.

Litter boxes, bedding, toys and food dishes are provided.

Medications can be administered at no additional charge.

Cats can be finicky so we recommend you bring their regular food but we can provide a good quality diet if necessary. We feed Go! Skin + Coat Care Chicken.

Cat boarding is $16 per night, two cats sharing the same kennel is $25 per night.

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday:
9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday - Sunday:
10:00am - 6:00pm

Closed to the public on Sundays of Long Weekends.

Contact us if you need to pick up or drop off outside of the office hours - a fee may be charged.