Paws Wright Inn - Regina Dog and Cat Boarding Kennel

Paws Wright Inn opened for business on September 1st 2010.

Our building was built new from the ground up and it featured 18 kennels. We expanded in June of 2017 and added an additional 17 kennels, to bring the total to 35.

Keeping a lower number of kennels allows for more time to care for your pets.

Each dog has their own indoor 4'x 8' kennel with adjoined outdoor 4' x 12' outdoor kennel. We have four kennels that are 8' x 8' inside and 8' x 12' outside for extended stays or multiple dogs. We can not specifically reserve these kennels as priority is given to multiple dog households and large breed guests. Privacy panels separate kennels inside and outside to avoid fence fighting and diminish cage aggression.

All kennels have infloor heating and a doggie door to the outdoor run. Doggie doors are closed during the night. We come back out around 10 pm to let the dogs out for another bathroom break before being closed in for the night.

Disinfectable toys, bedding and food dishes are provided or you can bring the dog's own bedding and toys.

Each dog is taken out at least once a day, but the length of playtime varies on weather and the guests activity level. Supervised socialization with a small group of dogs can be arranged with owners permission. We also respect those who wish to be exercised alone.

A spacious fenced exercise yard allows for off leash exercise and time for your dog to play with their toys, other dogs and the staff.

We understand the health of your dog is important to you, so we offer free administration of medication. If you have any special requirements for your pet, we can work to accomodate them.

We recommend you bring your dog's regular food but a good quality diet can be provided if necessary. We feed Go! Skin + Coat Care Lamb. Raw food diets can be fed as long as the food is provided by the owner.

Please bring your recent vaccination papers from your Veterinarian so we can put the vaccination dates into the computer and ensure the well being of your pet.

Your dog can receive a bath and nail trim for $24.00 while boarding.

Why not spoil your pet with a Top Dog Package? $42.00 for a Massaging shampoo and condition, thorough brush, nail trim and a spritz of cologne or perfume, leaving your dog clean and refreshed before returning home.

Dog boarding is $36.00 per night. Two Dogs sharing the same kennel is $55.00 per night. Three Dogs sharing the same kennel is $65.00 per night. Please call or email for additional rates.
Office Hours:

Monday to Friday:
9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday - Sunday:
10:00am - 6:00pm

Closed to the public on Sundays of Long Weekends.

Contact us if you need to pick up or drop off outside of the office hours - a fee may be charged.